The weekend of Friday 19 to Sunday 21 November saw the final event of the 2021 Performance Series. The MISC Cup rifle event was held at the Melbourne International Shooting Centre with remote competition opportunities offered to athletes at the Brisbane International Shooting Centre and the Wingfield Rifle Range in Adelaide.

In the 50m 3 Positions event on Friday, Junior Michael Davis equalled his personal best in the 50m 3 Positions event with a qualifying score of 1166. This is a true indication of the dedication and preparation Michael has committed to the events this year despite the difficulty in access to training throughout lengthy lockdowns and restrictions in Melbourne.  Michael finished the event in 4th place with Victoria Rossiter taking gold, Emma Adams silver and Jack Rossiter winning bronze.

The event saw some international standard qualifying scores recorded that would currently secure a position in a final. Jack Rossiter shot a competition personal best of 630.3 in the Air Rifle event on Saturday and backed this up with a 621.6 in Sunday’s event. Sister Victoria shot qualifying scores of 627.4 and 630.2 on Saturday and Sunday respectively, and was hot on Jack’s tail all weekend. Saturdays Air Rifle event saw Jack win gold, Victoria with Silver and Junior Olivia Cartwright win bronze. The event on Sunday saw an unchanged gold and silver medalists with Michael Davis securing Bronze.

In the 50m Prone event it was Jack who won gold, Michael Nicholas silver and Linda Wegner winning bronze.

Junior competitors were definitely in fine form in the air rifle events with members of the QLD (James Cane, Emily Cane and Neve Roy), VIC (Olivia Cartwright) and SA (Charlotte Bland and Matilda Eyelander) Junior Clubs participating. The performances from these juniors was extremely valuable especially considering some are aged 13, 14 and 15. There is some amazing work in the development of these junior athletes within the junior clubs. A special mention to Olivia for her qualifying score of 615.1 and Matilda for her 612.2. and 612.1 performances.

Thanks must be extended to Neil Davis and his team in Victoria, Alyce Gallon, Phil Martin, Catherine Rashford and their team in Queensland and Carrie Quigley and her team in SA for the work they are doing in the junior athlete space. Thanks also goes out to each of the ranges that were used over the weekend to capture the widest number of participants possible. It definitely made for a great weekend of competition.

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The weekend also saw an endorsed skeet event at the Frankston Australian Clay Target Club, and although not part of the performance series, enabled local competitors the opportunity to record a performance score towards their Average Performance Score. Aislin Jones returned to ISSF Skeet competition after a twelve month break and was joined by pathway squad athletes Brittany Melbourne and Junior James Sacchetta. Brittany was victorious taking the gold medal, Aislin took the silver and Frankston member Dimitri Kannas took the bronze. James finished in 4th place.

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