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Shooting Australia said today’s announcement by the International Olympic Committee to award the 2032 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games to Brisbane will ignite an 11-year plan for its Pathway squad and emerging athletes to ultimately win Australian Team selection.

Shooting Australia President, Cath Fettell congratulated the Brisbane 2032 Bid Team, the Australian Olympic Committee and Paralympics Australia on being awarded the Games saying the IOC’s vote reflected complete confidence in Australia’s proven ability to again successfully host and stage two of the world’s biggest sports events.

Ms Fettell said the IOC’s decision represents a golden opportunity for young Australian Shooting athletes to win selection and compete at a home Games.

Shooting Australia Chief Executive, Luke van Kempen said “It may seem that the 2032 Games is some time away, but the reality is this time will fly by. So, we will quickly seize upon this home Games announcement and generate the momentum to carry us forward towards a highly successful Olympic and Paralympic Games”.

“We announced a three-tier Performance Squad earlier this year and our Pathway program will be actively identifying athletes who have the talent and commitment to win selection at future Olympic and Paralympic Games cycles, including Brisbane 2032

“The 2024 Junior World Championships for Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun disciplines will be held at the Sydney International Shooting Centre (SISC) at Cecil Park and this event will be a great occasion for our young competitors to continue their development and experience a home Championship.

“We saw at the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and again at the 2006 Melbourne and 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, how a home Games provided a compelling motivational experience for our athletes. Brisbane 2032 will be no different,” said Mr van Kempen.

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Mr van Kempen said the opportunity to participate at the 2032 Brisbane Games was not limited to athletes.

“Today’s announcement represents a watershed moment for everyone involved in all Shooting disciplines, whether they be an athlete, coach or an official, to ask themselves how they can participate and contribute to the success of the Australian team and to the Games in 2032,” he said.

“The 2032 Brisbane Games can be the inspiration for Shooting club members to be trained and be qualified to be among the event officials and volunteer staff at the Games and ultimately lead to involvement in overseas international events.

“The IOC’s decision will be the catalyst for a renewed spirit of collaboration where everyone involved in target Shooting sports can contribute towards the 2032 Brisbane Games,” added Mr van Kempen.

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