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Last Updated 21 January 2021


With 2021 likely to be faced with disruption due to Covid-19, when will a decision be made on an event going ahead?

Shooting Australia will work closely with Event Partners and Hosts to monitor the Covid-19 situation and any enforced regulations that may impact an event. An initial assessment of each event and its viability to proceed will be made 28 days prior to its commencement, with further check in points at 21 days, 14 days and a  final decision made no later than 7 days prior.

With the nature of Covid-19 there may be situations that arise outside of Shooting Australia’s control following the decision which is made prior to an event. This means an event may still be cancelled with minimal notice.


If I am unable to attend an event due to a border closure and this event is part of a National Team selection series, how will this affect my ability to be considered for selection?

Shooting Australia understands that the inability to attend an event (due to instances such as a border closure or requirement to quarantine when crossing a border) that forms part of a National Team selection series will impact some Athletes. The 2021 domestic endorsed events will encompass selection series for the 2021 Junior World Championships, 2021 Oceania Championships and 2022 Commonwealth Archery and Shooting Championships. Within the selection policies for each of these, event cancellation or the inability to attend events will be covered. The selection policies can be viewed here. If you have any further questions on this topic, please contact the National Coach for your relative discipline.


Will Shooting Australia be coordinating registration/entries for all endorsed events?

No. Registration/entries for all endorsed events will be coordinated by the Event Hosts.


If an event is cancelled after I have paid my registration/entry fee, will a refund be made?

Yes. Should an event be cancelled when registrations/entries have already been made, the process on receiving a refund will be advised upon notification of the event cancellation.


If I fall unwell resulting in me not being able to attend an event and I have paid my registration/entry fee, will a refund be made?

Yes. If advice of you being unwell is received prior to the commencement of the event, a refund will be arranged.


If I fall unwell during an event and am unable to finish the competition, will a refund be arranged.

No. Once competition has commenced, should you fall unwell or feel unable to finish the competition a refund will not be possible.


I am nervous about domestic travel and Covid-19. What measures are in place for everyone attending endorsed events? 

Shooting Australia will continue to work closely with Event Partners and Hosts to ensure there is a Covid-Safe Plan for all events. Shooting Australia has also established some Covid-Safe Guidelines for Domestic Events that can be found here. 


Is it my responsibility to familiarise myself with the Covid-19 regulations of my residing state and the state I am travelling to?

Yes. Shooting Australia will make available as much educational material as possible, but it is the responsibility of all those attending events whether as an Athlete, Spectator, support network, Official or Staff Member to ensure they are familiar with any regulations that will impact attendance at an event. Shooting Australia will not be responsible for any event attendees who failed to comply with any regulations resulting in a fine or mandatory quarantine at the individual’s personal expense.


Where will I find information about all of the events and how I register/enter?

You can visit for information on all events and how to register/enter. You can also find information on each event on the Shooting Australia Facebook Page. Shooting Australia will also send out regular event communication by email so ensure you have subscribed to receive this information and you can do this by clicking here.


What is the 2021 Performance Series?

A Shooting Australia domestic competition series held within a specified period of time (e.g. a calendar year) shall form a Performance Series. These events will typically be held in conjunction with a Club, State Association or National Association and will include ISSF events across the Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Fullbore disciplines. All the events that form part of the 2021 Performance Series will be Endorsed Events. For more information on the 2021 Performance Series click here.


I have noticed that some of the Performance Series events will also be events used for National Team Selection. How do the two differ?

From time to time Shooting Australia will use different Performance Series events as part of a National Team selection series for specific International events. There will be times when one Performance Series event is being used for two or three different National Team Selection series.  Regardless of whether or not you are vying to be in contention to be selected to a National Team, all participants are welcome to enter any Performance Series event. If you have any further questions on this topic, please contact the National Coach for your relative discipline.


Will the events be broadcast?

Yes, some of the events will be broadcast. Shooting Australia is currently working with the event broadcast partners to confirm which events will be possible to live broadcast. Where it is not possible to live broadcast an event, a highlights package will be compiled and shown as a recap at the conclusion of the event on our SATV live shows.


I am a para-athlete. Am I able to compete in an event?

Yes absolutely! The 2021 Performance Series has an emphasis on inclusivity enabling any able-bodied or para-athlete who competes in ISSF, WSPS and Fullbore disciplines the opportunity to compete. The Performance Series offers Athletes an all-inclusive opportunity to participate in a national domestic series of events.


I am really interested in Officiating at some of the events. How do I go about this?

Target Shooting Sports strongly rely on Community input and it is the dedication of so many Officials and Volunteers that influences the successful delivery of events. We would absolutely appreciate your involvement and in 2021 we are rolling out an Officiating Recruitment Drive to increase the number of Officials. Please click here for more information and to express your interest. If you have any questions you can contact Shooting Australia’s Event Coordinator by email [email protected].


As an Athlete, what would be considered appropriate dress when competing at an event?

It is important that your clothing when competing at an event complies with the dress code of your National Association. Squad Athletes may be requested to wear their Squad uniform and this will be communicated by the Shooting Australia High Performance Team. Please be mindful that there will be photography and videography at events, a possible media presence as well as live broadcast. Please also be mindful of your dress and presentation when being presented with a medal on the dais. Beachwear will not be considered as appropriate.


I travel interstate to attend events and was wondering if Shooting Australia has access to any flight and accommodation packages?

Shooting Australia has engaged Corporate Traveller as the 2021 Performance Series Travel Partner. This will enable event attendees to take advantage of the Travel Partnership with access to a dedicated travel expert. Corporate Traveller has access to corporate accommodation rates and is able to assist with group travel bookings. For any travel related enquiries or to request a quote please email [email protected].


I am a Rifle Athlete and interested in competing in some of the events. I have noticed that 10m Air and 50m 3P are Open events. Does this mean that there will only be one final?

Yes. Rifle events will be Open events with both Men and Women competing in the same final. Open finals have previously been conducted in Rifle and have been re-introduced for the 2021 Performance Series to intensify the high performance environment for the Athletes.


If a Shooting Australia Staff Member, or an Official engaged by Shooting Australia, is required to attend an event outside of their home state, who will be responsible should there be a sudden change in situation due to Covid eg a border closure with minimal notice?

Shooting Australia will be responsible for ensuring the Staff Member, or an Official engaged by Shooting Australia is safe at all times. Shooting Australia will provide the necessary support to get the Staff Member or Official home in the quickest and safest manner. Should there be knowledge of any Covid issues prior to a Staff Member or Official departing their home state, their travel to the event will be cancelled.


If an Athlete attends an event outside of their home state, who will be responsible should there be a sudden change in situation due to Covid e.g. a border closure with minimal notice?

All Athletes attending events that form part of the 2021 Performance Series will be responsible for their own attendance including adjusting to any change in situation due to Covid. Should an Athlete need to leave an event prior to its completion, Shooting Australia will facilitate a refund of entry fees. Athletes must be aware of any Covid specific travel restrictions prior to departing their home state and must take full responsibility for their travel.


Will I be subject to random drug testing as an Athlete while at a Performance Series event?

Yes. The domestic events calendar has been provided to Sports Integrity Australia (formerly ASADA). Sports Integrity Australia has advised that drug testing will be conducted at some of the events. It is important to note that any Athlete can be subject to a random drug test at a domestic event. Drug testing is not specific to a Medal winner or a High Performance/Squad Athlete.


I do not really understand the Anti-Doping process as I am quite new to competitive ISSF participation. Where can I further educate myself on such matters?

Shooting Australia is currently working with Sports Integrity Australia on the development of an Education Plan which will hopefully be available at the end of January 2021.  Under the World Anti-Doping Code’s new International Standard for Education (ISE), which came into effect on 1 January 2021, Sport Integrity Australia and all International Federations are required to ensure that Australian athletes and support personnel receive anti-doping education. The Education Plan will encompass Athletes, Staff, Officials, and support personnel.