Launch Of National Come And Try May Nears

The Advert running in Member Body Magazines to promote the event


Closing in on our launch date provides a great opportunity to communicate what is currently happening at a national level and the next steps for clubs on the ground in this national movement that we are creating together.

This new endeavour delivered for the first time in Australia, currently has 88 clubs from every Member Body, in every state and territory around Australia registered to hold an event as part of National Come And Try May!

It’s a great show of support from our community and shows that the appetite is there for such a program to be developed.

With adverts placed in the ACTA and SCA magazines coming up shortly we hope to see a surge of interest from clubs finding out about the event through their Member Body publications.

It’s been fantastic to see clubs from around Australia aligned with the vision and believing in our collective mission, to share our sport with as many people as possible and show them just how much fun our sport can be.

For those not yet registered to host an event the opportunity to sign up still exists, follow the link below to register your club’s interest.

Or if you need more information before committing to host an event you can find everything you need at the link below, including a FAQ document, a short list of requirements for clubs that become involved, and an overview of what Shooting Australia is focusing on as part of the sport’s first ever Whole-of-Sport Participation Plan.

60% of registered clubs answered that they either had no experience or some experience running come and try day’s but would welcome suggestions on how they could improve. We’ve listened to this response and as well as the resources that have already been provided to registered clubs, each club will also have its own adviser who they can call on for support to help them run a fun, safe event.

These advisers come from the Participation Action Group that was formed to develop National Come And Try May, authored many of the resources that have been made available and will be a fantastic resource to all those clubs that are interested in further support.

Your adviser will be in touch in the coming days to introduce themselves and let you know in greater detail what you can expect from them.

All clubs (including those requiring additional support) will receive an email in the coming days with promotional materials that you can use in your local communities to spread the word about your event. More details on these materials and strategies to ensure you have a successful turn out will be included in this email communication.

Keep an eye out for your advisers email and if you have any questions about National Come And Try May or anything else in the Whole-of-Sport Participation Plan please contact [email protected].

Shooting Australia