Meet the Participation Action Group

As we begin a new year we reflect on what happened last year in the participation space and here is a snapshot of the last few months.

Since the Member Body and State representatives met at the Governance Workshop Review 2 we received some fantastic feedback in relation to the proposed Whole of Sport Participation Plan. Based on the feedback from this session a draft Strategies and Outcome document was created and the Participation Working Group worked through this document to refine which strategies and outcomes were priorities. The Whole of Sport Participation Plan was then sent to all Member Bodies. The flagship for the first year of the plan was the concept of a National Come and Try Day.

Universally supported by the Member Bodies was the opportunity to take advantage of a home Commonwealth Games, leveraging off of the media coverage and success of our athletes and introduce new participants to the sport. Using this as an opportunity to create a movement that builds the public profile of the sport of shooting in Australia, creating positive experiences for clubs and new participants during, and subsequent to, the National Come and Try Day (NCAT) would become the focus of a newly formed Participation Action Group.

Expression of Interest were then requested first through our Member Bodies and then later through our website and social media channels. The result was a wealth of experienced and motivated ambassadors for the sport putting their hand up. Below is a list of each of the members who have been selected to sit on the Participation Action Group, along with representatives from both Shooting Australia and the Australian Sports Commission, and work together to make this an outstanding experience for all involved.

Bill Henry – QLD

Cath Leask – VIC

Murray Bow – WA

Mark Farrow – QLD

Andrew Sims – NSW

Kathy Cain – QLD

Daniel Spain – NSW

The group had their first teleconference on the 20th of December and meeting again in person in on the 16th of January 2018 and created the framework for how the NCAT will be delivered, you’ll hear more about this in future updates.

If you have any questions about the Participation Action Group or the National Come and Try Day or anything else mentioned in the Whole of Sport Participation Plan, please feel free to get in touch with the Shooting Australia office, we’d be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Shooting Australia