National Come And Try May


It’s with great excitement that we share this message with you.

Shooting Australia has been working collaboratively with each of the Member Bodies to prepare a Whole of Sport Participation Plan. A major objective of the Participation Plan is the promotion and delivery of a national come and try initiative. As a result of the valuable contribution from Member Body representatives, National Come and Try May is now ready to launch!

This event is the first of its kind for target shooting sports in Australia and will follow the 2018 Commonwealth Games with the goal of promoting our sport and increasing participation. National Come and Try May events in local target shooting sports clubs around Australia will provide an exciting opportunity for clubs to engage with members of their communities who may be interested in participating in our fantastic sport.

The first phase of National Come and Try May involves clubs registering their interest to host an event at any time in May. Clubs can register and collect more information about National Come and Try May by visiting the registration website below.

To make this event a success, I would like to ask that you forward this information to other members of your club, or other clubs to spread the word! Shooting Australia will also be promoting National Come and Try May by posting information on its website and social media from Friday, 16 February.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Shooting Australia office.

Shooting Australia