The 2021 Performance Series is the Shooting Australia domestic competition which includes selected events throughout the year across Rifle (13 events), Shotgun (nine events), Pistol (eight events) and Fullbore (seven events) disciplines.

The 2021 Performance Series schedule of events can be found at Event Calendar – Shooting Australia.

In addition to the confirmed point scoring system, we can also announce that Rifle series events will be Open events with women and men competing in the same final.

Open finals have previously been conducted in Rifle and have been re-introduced for the 2021 Performance Series to intensify the high performance environment for the athletes.


As part of our fully integrated and all-inclusive participation policy for the 2021 Performance Series, several events in each discipline are open to able-bodied and Para Sports athletes. You can read more about this here.

At each 2021 Performance Series event, athletes will be awarded points based on their finishing position. The 2021 Performance Series points allocation is:

At the conclusion of the 2021 Performance Series, the athlete who accumulates the most points in each of the events, will be declared the 2021 Performance Series winner.












In Rifle, the Performance Series will see one set of points allocated in each event, however a separate leaderboard will be created for men and women.

The 2021 Performance Series points leaderboard will be updated after each event and posted on the website here.

Individual Performance Series winners will be announced at the 2021 Shooting Australia Awards of Excellence presentation event at the end of the year.


Shooting Australia Chief Executive, Luke van Kempen, said the Performance Series will increase opportunities for all athletes to participate in high quality domestic competition.

“The 2021 Performance Series provides a platform for regular competitive domestic participation across the International Sports Shooting Federation (ISSF) disciplines.

“The series comprises events which have been endorsed and supported by Shooting Australia allowing us to work closely with many Event Partners including Member Organisations, clubs and venues.

“We look forward to seeing our top able-bodied and Para Sports competitors engage in high level domestic competition events and seeing who will emerge as the Performance Series winner in each discipline,”.

The 2021 Performance Series points allocation is only relative to the 2021 Performance Series and is not associated with the selection of athletes to national teams.

National teams selection criteria will be announced later this month.

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