Provisional Classification

What is Classification?

Classification is an assessment process, which allows us to group athletes whose disability causes similar limitations in a particular sport in order to allow for meaningful competition.

What is Provisional National Athlete Evaluation?

This process has been designed to allow athletes who do not have access to a full Classification panel, to gain an indication of whether they are eligible and where they may fit within the National Shooting classification system. This provisional classification must be given by a certified medical classifier, and is conducted in line with International classification rules for Shooting Para Sport.

All provisional athlete evaluations provide an indication of a classification and are usually valid until a national classification is held in your home state and within a reasonable distance.

A provisional classification is generally not valid for state level competition and beyond. Athletes should attend a face to face classification with a national panel at the next available opportunity. Athletes with a provisional classification are not eligible for national rankings and records or team selections.

What if I do not agree with my provisional athlete evaluation?

If you disagree with a Provisional Athlete Evaluation outcome, the usual process would be to present for a face to face athlete evaluation before a full classification panel.

Provisional athlete evaluation, while endeavouring to be an accurate indication of class, is a general guide only and may change upon face to face assessment by a full classification panel.

 Steps to Completing the Provisional Athlete Evaluation

 STEP 1. Complete Section 1: Athlete Details and Informed Consent

The athlete (or parent guardian if under 18 year of age) completes the athlete details and agrees to the terms in the Informed Consent form in the attached.

Please leave the Classification Outcome Section blank. This is to be filled in by a trained classifier.

STEP 2. Complete Section 2: Shooting Athlete Evaluation Sheet (Provisional Shooting Classification Form)

Athletes are to make an appointment with a local physiotherapist or medical doctor to complete the attached forms in Section 2. The Physiotherapist or Medical Doctor is to fill in Section 2.

STEP 3. Complete SECTION 4: Application Submission

(Section 3 is to be left blank to be completed by a trained classifier)

Download your Provisional Classification Pack – July 2023