SA Government should re-examine Olympic Team double quarantine

Shooting Australia supports the Australian Olympic Committee who today has urged the South Australian Government to reconsider an additional 14-day quarantine period on returning Australian Olympic Team members to Adelaide after their initial 14-day quarantine period following their arrival home in Australia from the Tokyo Olympic Games.

South Australian Olympic Team members includes Shooting athletes and officials who are currently in mandatory quarantine.

South Australian-based Shooting Team members are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have each undergone rigorous testing before their departure to the Tokyo Olympic Games, daily testing during the Games, and will have had three compulsory COVID-19 tests while in their 14-day quarantine period.

Shooting Australia Chief Executive, Luke van Kempen, said there have been no infections among the near 1,000 members of the Olympic team.

“Shooting Australia respects and agrees with the South Australian Government’s position to keep its citizens safe from COVID-19 ,” said Mr van Kempen.

“Given the COVID-19 safe protocols team members have followed for over two months and the strict bio-security bubble team members must follow while in transit from their quarantine hotel and to their return flight to Adelaide, we believe Olympic team members are at the very lowest end of risk factors to the South Australian community,” he said.

“No Olympic team member has contracted COVID-19 during their time attending the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and SA Government’s stance is at odds with the National Cabinet agreement that travellers who have been through 14 days hotel quarantine in one jurisdiction will be able to enter another jurisdiction without having to undergo another 14 days quarantine.

“Given the National Cabinet’s decision, Shooting Australia is not seeking any special or extraordinary treatment for our athletes, but merely requesting that National Cabinet’s resolution is ratified by the SA Government.

We strongly encourage the SA Government to engage in immediate meaningful discussions with the Australian Olympic Committee to seek a speedy resolution to this impasse for the benefit of South Australian Olympic team members.”

Shooting Australia