Shooting Australia Performance Series Review

Shooting Australia will be undertaking a review of the Performance Series and is assembling a working group comprising of community, athletes, officials, staff, venues, and High Performance representatives to reassess the current Performance Series. This may result in a complete overhaul of the Performance Series or some minor or major amendments. However, as not everyone can be part of the Working Group Shooting Australia invites members of our community to have your say by making a Submission. Shooting Australia is calling for submissions from our community, Member Bodies, State Associations, Clubs, and Athletes via email to [email protected] regarding the current Performance Series and domestic events looking at future delivery options.

Please make sure the feedback you provide is carefully considered and can be used to inform the Working Group. When having your say, it is important to be clear on the solutions and ideas you formulate. In developing your submission you should ask yourself questions like:

  • What do I want to see happen with elite domestic events in Australia?
  • What do I think is good about what is currently being delivered?
  • Where do I think changes could be made to improve current domestic competitions/events/series?
  • What could a premiere domestic competition series or event look like?

Writing a submission presents an opportunity for you to share your local knowledge and experience with us. It is important to have a clear message that we can respond to, and it is important to be realistic.

In anticipation of your response thank you for your time.

Kelly Wright
Head of Marketing – Shooting Australia

Shooting Australia