Be Heard

AIS Be Heard is the place anyone in Australian high performance sport – past of present – can turn to for help. No one should feel the burden of bottling-up information about unacceptable incidents or practices during their time in high performance sport.

AIS Be Heard is where everyone can feel safe to share their experiences and seek support. It’s free, independent and completely confidential.

Who can call Be Heard?

AIS Be Heard is available to current and former athletes, coaches and staff across the Australian high performance sports system. This includes the AIS and National Institute Networks, comprising state and territory Institutes and Academies of Sport.

Why would I contact Be Heard?

AIS Be Heard is for people who feel they:

  • Need help
  • Simply don’t know where to turn or who to talk to
  • Haven’t been treated well in sport
  • Haven’t been listened to before
  • Have spoken before, but were dismissed or ignored
  • Are unhappy or frustrated by a lack of action
  • Are concerned of potential improper practises

Everyone has their own unique reasons – and these are all valid. No matter how long ago something may have happened, you will be heard.

Who will take my call?

When you contact Be Heard, you’ll be linked with an independent expert, someone who is experienced in receiving, assessing and dealing with confidential and sensitive reports. They will work with you to get the most appropriate support for your needs. Calls are not recorded and are treated in the strictest confidence. You can discuss any matter anonymously.

Find out more or get in touch

AIS Website:

Phone: 1800 565 965 (Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm AEST)

Email: [email protected]