Tip for the Summer Season – Tricia Van Nus

Summer is almost upon us – the competitive shooting “season” has come to an end.  Time for taking stock, enjoying time with family and friends, BBQs and walks along the beach.  

 Summer is also a great time to undertake a review of your shooting, perhaps go back to basics in training, plan the coming year, deciding which events you can attend and what you want to achieve.

For many shooters, their year will revolve around the local club and possible State events – fantastic, as this is the backbone of our sport.  

Others will have State, National and International events in their sights – great, as we need those people striving for excellence as well.

Whether you are wanting to move up a grade at Club level, or be the next National Champion, taking time over the summer to plan for your success, will reap rewards in the New Year.

Ways to make your summer a springboard for shooting success in 2020

 INTERNET – there are so many good websites that will offer varying ideas.  Read and consider what could work for you – have a chat with your coach or other shooters over coffee

SCATT – electronic training.  Find someone who has a SCATT and learn how it works, then ask to borrow it – remember that this training can be done in the air-conditioned comfort of your home!

PHYSICAL – those walks along the beach, the bush track, and dare I say it, even walking around the air-conditioned shopping centre, is contributing to your heart health.  Take a summer Yoga class or two – that will help you to understand how to clear your mind and improve your focus, especially useful later in the year in competition.

PLAN – what competitions will be right for me, how much time can I give to working on my shooting performance, who can help me to improve what I’m doing, am I going to offer to be a volunteer in my club/Association this year, what training do I need – being a coach at the club, or being an official.

Summer is a great time in many ways.

Now, over to you – have fun and enjoy summer 




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