Women’s 25m pistol: GALIABOVITCH (AUS) – silver

BRISBANE – Comments from Elena GALIABOVITCH (AUS) following the women’s 25m pistol final at Belmont Shooting Centre on Tuesday (10 April).Elena GALIABOVITCH (AUS) – silver

On her performance:

“Feels really good, I am just really tired, this has been a really big effort, I had a really great start and it is a bit of a marathon to keep going and I just did the best that I could. I couldn’t wish for a better home Games.

“That was an epic day of shooting, and it really took a big effort and I am more than happy to come away with another medal.

“It is hard to complain about a silver medal at a Commonwealth Games, now I have got two.”

On her preparations:

“I get a lot of energy from people and it was important for me to relax for this event, I went back to the hotel and had some time to myself away from the competition environment.”

“In rapid fire you need to be really disciplined and I struggled with my mind a little bit.”

About the crossover with shooting and her job as a doctor (she is training to be a heart specialist):

“I don’t think it is necessarily the skill itself but there are certain attitudes and mindset like precision, attention to detail and working really hard. I know what it takes to get to this level in shooting and it is the same with surgery, you have to work your arse off.”

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