Australia’s Gleniss Lawrence to be ISSF Technical Delegate at ISSF World Cup in Changwon, Korea

Australia’s Gleniss Lawrence has been asked by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) to be the Technical Delegate at the upcoming ISSF World Cup in Changwon, Korea. The World Cup will include all three shooting disciplines (Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun).

Speaking about being selected as the Technical Delegate for the ISSF World Cup in Changwon, Korea, Lawrence said;

“I was very honoured to be asked by the ISSF to be the Technical Delegate at the upcoming ISSF World Cup Changwon Korea. This is a full World Cup for Shooting, having Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun events.

In this position I am the ISSF representative and work closely with the Changwon Organising Committee to ensure that all parts of the event from the venue, participation, accommodation, transport, Doping Control, Media and the compliance with the established rules and standards are done and upheld for a successful ISSF World event.

My ISSF Officals journey started at becoming a Volunteer at events domestically within Australia. I gained a lot of practical experience at these events as well as obtaining my ACTA Referee licence. With further practical experience, I became a credited ISSF Referee and then became an ISSF Judge. I continued as a Volunteer at many events within Australia for along time before Australian Shooting nominated me for a ISSF World Event and a long time before the ISSF gave me the opportunity as a Jury Member at an ISSF World event. There are many ISSF Referees and Judges world wide but very few ISSF World events.

Once chosen, you must prove that you are hard working, can work with others, fair to all Nations and that no Athlete or Team has an unfair advantage of another. I did a lot of hard yards domestically before this opportunity. I also worked as an Official at ISSF World Cups in Australia.

At present within Australia, we have a small team of dedicated Officials. They work hard but also have a lot of fun. I would encourage anyone to give a thought of becoming an Official. As an Athlete knows, you don’t get anywhere in sport unless you give it a go. And you don’t get success without doing the hard yards.

I have been fortunate that Australian Shooting have nominated me to the ISSF and been selected as a Member of the ISSF Shotgun Committee. I have Officiated at many ISSF World events as well as the Olympics in Rio and Tokyo. I have had some amazing experiences and been to many amazing countries.

You could also. Give Officiating a try. Shooting Australia would be happy to help you on your journey.”

The ISSF World Cup in Changwon, Korea takes place from the 9th-21st July 2022. Find out more here. 

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