Shooting Australia is recognised as the peak body for target shooting sports in Australia. Shooting Australia is the affiliated body to:

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Shooting Australia’s objectives are to promote and coordinate responsible shooting sports, both competitive and recreational, within Australia; and to promote and coordinate participation in, and organisation of international competitions mindful of providing sustainable international success.Target shooting is a sport which features on the program of both the Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games. Australian athletes have performed outstandingly at both.Shooting Australia is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission, the Australian Olympic Committee and the Australian Commonwealth Games Association as the National Sporting Organisation for target shooting sports.

The AIS is the principal sponsor and partner of Shooting Australia. The AIS provides Shooting Australia with funding to ensure that we have the capacity to create a sustainable sport through best practice governance and administration, intellectual property ownership, athlete management and support structures and general accountabilities. Importantly, the winning partnership highlights the commitment to ensuring Australian athletes excel in the international sporting arena, and increasing Australians’ participation in Shooting Australia.

As with many sports, grants help to provide support but they do not by themselves cover all costs. Target shooting at the elite level is a very expensive sport, with athletes normally having to meet many thousands of dollars’ worth of travelling, accommodation and equipment expenses each year. Target shooting competitions normally last three to four days, and athletes at any level need to be in peak condition before they are in a position to perform at their best.