Shooting Australia has today formally announced the appointment of Andrew Sims as the President of the Shooting Australia Board.

Andrew is familiar with the organisation having served on the Shooting Australia Board since 2017, including a role on the Finance and Audit Committee where he brings expertise as a Chartered Accountant. Andrew was re-elected to the Board for a third term during the 21 November, 2022 Annual General Meeting and then subsequently elected as President by the Board. Andrew is well versed as a company director, also bringing CEO and management experience to the Board.

Of his appointment Andrew says “It is a privilege to take on the President role and work with the Board and our talented and dedicated athletes, coaches and staff.  Because of their efforts, we have an exciting future.  They – and the athletes and staff who have preceded them – deserve our admiration and thanks.”

Andrew will now take over from Cath Fettell who served 9 years (3 terms) as Shooting Australia President and in accordance with the organisations Constitution, was ineligible for re-election. Of Cath’s contribution to Shooting Australia, extending beyond her role as President, Andrew says ‘Cath Fettell, our outgoing President also deserves thanks. Cath has played roles as delegate, director and finally President of Shooting Australia over a period of more than 20 years.  Cath’s hallmarks are service, sound judgement and hard work.  It has been a privilege to work with her.  We wish Cath well in her continuing roles, including as a member of the Australian Olympic Committee Executive.”

The 2022 Annual General Meeting also saw the appointment of Robert (Bob) Maddocks to the Shooting Australia Board. Bob has had thirty years’ experience in logistics, emergency management, planning and operations and has worked in both government and private sectors. Bob also brings a passion for the sport that spans over fifty years and has included varying roles at club and state level within the pistol discipline. Of his appointment as a Director Bob says “… It is an honour to be elected as a Director of Shooting Australia, to represent not only pistol shooting but target shooting in general.”

Andrew and Bob join continuing Directors Deserie Baynes and Craig Henwood to the four person Shooting Australia Board.

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