International Classification

What is Classification?

Classification is an assessment process, which groups athletes whose impairment causes similar limitations in a particular sport in order to allow for meaningful competition.

Athletes who are selected to attend international level competition attend international level classification prior to competition. Athletes are generally required to have a national classification in order to be selected into a high performance squad. Any national classifications are superseded by international classifications.

Who requires Classification?

Athletes who have never been classified (international new), or those with international review status with no review year, need to be classified at the next event they compete in where classification is held.

Athletes with an international review status who have been allocated a future review date (e.g. Review 2020) do not need to attend classification until the year of review, in this case 2020.

Athletes with a Confirmed status do not need to attend any future classification, unless their condition changes, or unless there is a protest against their classification by the WSPS.

Should any athletes change in condition (either deteriorate or improve in condition) they may be entitled to have their classification reviewed, regardless of the status (Review or Confirmed) of their classification. This will need medical paperwork to support and a request for review will need to be submitted to the WSPS before any upcoming events where classification is held.

Information for athlete support at international classification