MPS and Athlete APS

The Minimum Performance Standard (MPS) is an objective measure that is used by Shooting Australia to determine whether an athlete should be considered for selection to a National Team. Each MPS may vary for different events. This is to allow Shooting Australia to ensure athletes can access competitions at the appropriate level in regard to their stage of development.

Each athlete’s Average Performance Score (APS) is measured against the relevant MPS to determine their eligibility for selection to a National Team or a National Squad. If the athlete’s APS meets or exceeds the required MPS, then the Selection Panel can consider them for selection to the Team/Squad in that event.

The following table outlines the MPS required for the 2024 Junior World Championships in each event across each discipline to be considered for selection to the National Team. Further information about the process and criteria for selection can be found by clicking here

Athlete APS data by discipline

PISTOL as at 02.05.2024

PISTOL (Junior) as at 12.04.2024

RIFLE as at 09.04.2024

RIFLE (Junior) as at 09.04.2024

SHOTGUN as at 22.06.23

SHOTGUN (Junior) as at 07.05.2024

PARA as at 22.10.21