National Team Selection Strategy FAQs

  1. Is the new APS the same as the BMS?
    No. APS stands for Average Performance Score and is the average of an athletes three highest qualifying scores from Shooting Australia Endorsed Events, within a specific period. BMS stands for Benchmark score and is a reference to the average qualifying score required to make finals at International ISSF Competitions within a specific period.
  1. What is the APS and how does SA use it?
    The athlete’s APS is the average of their 3 highest qualifying scores within a specific period. Shooting Australia may set a minimum performance standard for selection eligibility to a particular competition. These minimum performance standards ensure athletes are accessing competitions appropriate to their stage of development.
  1. Why are their automatic selections for WC medallists?
    Athletes that demonstrate medal winning performances at World Cups provide a reliable indication that they can contribute to SA’s performance objectives at World Championships. As such we may use an automatic selection for these athletes to ensure they are able to prioritise their preparations for World Championships ahead of a domestic selection series. It should be noted that there will always be a minimum of one (1) position reserved for the domestic selection series
  1. How are the National Teams selected?
    Our National Teams are selected according to the selection policies set out on our website. For more information click here
  1. If I’m not in a squad can I make a team?
    Absolutely! Any athlete that meets the appropriate criteria set out in the event specific selection policy is eligible for selection to any of our National Teams.
  1. What will happen with the events in 2023-2024?
    Our selection strategy for the 2023-2024 seasons will be released in mid 2022. However, current selection criteria is a good indicator of how things may be in 2023-2024
  1. What is a performance window?
    A performance window is a period prior to the selection of a National Team, where SA may consider an athlete’s performances to determine if minimum performance standards have been met for access to a particular level of competition.
  1. Is an ISSF World Cup the same as an ISSF Grand Prix?
    Similar, but no. With the introduction of ISSF Grands Prix in the 2021-2024 Olympic cycle, there is now a “second tier” competition below the World Cups. These competitions are still conducted under strict ISSF rules and may even allow for athletes to earn eligibility for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.
  1. Why isn’t there a selection series for the World Cups and Grands Prix?
    With the large number of ISSF Grands Prix and World Cups each year it is impractical to run a selection series for each one. The Shooting Australia National Coaches lead the selections that determine which of the National Squad Athletes, and also athletes not part of our National Squads, shall be selected to these competitions. Athletes not part of a National Squad must meet certain minimum performance standards to be considered for selection.
  1. How does a selection series work?
    Typically, there will be 4-5 domestic competitions that will form any Selections Series. From these competition performances we will use an athlete’s best 3 scores (derived from both qualifying and finals), to rank all athletes. The top ranked athletes shall be selected subject to satisfying any minimum performance standards (APS) set for that competition, and subject to available positions on the National Team.
  1. Do I have to shoot all the events in a selection series?
    You are not required to shoot all event in a Selection Series however you will need to compete in at least three to be eligible for selection.