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General Information

With Domestic travel restrictions still heavily in place, and much uncertainty surrounding the ability to schedule Events in 2020, some creative thinking has come into play to enable the continuation of competitive activity for High Performance Program Pistol Athletes.

Compete Together is a Shooting Australia facilitated three event Competition series to be held during September and November, 2020.

As a postal competition, this series of events will enable the High Performance Program Athletes to remain connected and competitive from the comfort and convenience of your local Pistol Range in preparation for the Olympic Games, 2021 Domestic Competition circuit and International Events.

Who can Enter

Entries from both Individual Athletes and Teams (Air Pistol Mixed Team) is encouraged.

Compete Together will have a strong emphasis on inclusivity, encouraging participation from Able Bodied and Para Athletes as well as Men, Women and Junior Competitors.

Event Administration

Compete Together will be coordinated by the Shooting Australia National Pistol Coach in co-operation with the Shooting Australia Events Team and all available Volunteers from the Clubs the High Performance Program Athletes attend.

The High Performance Program athletes may invite any Athletes from their Club or neighbouring Clubs to participate as an Individual or to form a Mixed Team. The Compete Together Administrators will advise Athletes on the Volunteers available to assist in conducting the three Competitions as well as the Finals. Any disputes will be resolved in consultation with the Individual Athletes or Teams.

Regular emails will be distributed to provide Athletes with up to date Competition information and results.

Event Registration: [email protected]

Event Results and General Enquiries: [email protected]


Competitors can shoot on either paper or electronic targets.


There will be three blocks of competition between September and November 2020 followed by a weekend of Finals.

Round 1 18-27 September

Round 2 23 October-01 November

Round 3 13-22 November

Finals 28-29 November

ISSF Rules and Regulations

The Competition for both Individuals and Teams events must be run in accordance with ISSF Rules and Regulations. The Rules and Regulations are available on the ISSF web site.

Competition Entry

Entries into Compete Together will open on Monday 31th of August and a close at 5pm on Friday 15th September.

Although it is encouraged that Athletes compete in each of the rounds, it is not compulsory. Late entry will be accepted up until three days prior to the commencement of each round.

There is no cost for Competition entry.

Individual Events

1. 10m Air Pistol (60 shots) – Men, Junior Men

2. 10m Air Pistol (60 shots) – Women, Junior Women

3. 25m Sport Pistol (60 shots) – Open: Men, Women, Para

4. 25m Rapid Fire Pistol (60 shots) – Men

Team Events (2 Person Team)

5. 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team (30 shots by each team member)

Competitors are encouraged to enter a Team representing two members from the same Club. However, in the event this is not possible, two team members from differing Clubs is also an option. Each Team can comprise of Able-Bodied, Para or Juniors Athletes. The Team Event will be deemed a competition based on a Minimum of 3 Entries.


Each Competitor must provide their qualifying results by email to [email protected] by the last day within the Round timeframe. For example, Round 1 qualifying must be shot within the period 18-27 September and the last day available for submitting results will be 27 September. Any results submitted after the last day of each Round day will not be counted.

The results should be presented in:

– Electronic Targets; pdf file

– Paper Targets; pdf file of the match scanned by the Target Scan

In the event there are any issues with the scoring of the targets, the photo of the targets (maximum 10 shots per target) with a date and time will be accepted.


The Jury for the competitions will be advised to the participants prior the start of the competitions. Jury of appeal will be in charge to resolve any possible disputes.

Competition Guidelines

  • Athletes may shoot two of each Air Pistol, Sport Pistol and/or Rapid Fire Pistol matches in each competition window. This will therefore give Athletes a total of 6 qualifying scores for each Event.
  • Each Competitor must shoot their qualifying scores (60 shots for each round) for each Round of Individual Events within the designated timeframe.
  • It is recommended that the Air Pistol Mixed Teams comprise two Competitors from the same Club to enable the 30 shot match to be shot at the same time.
  • A running results table will be available on the platform that will be set up for Compete Together and this will be updated at the conclusion of each Round.
  • At the conclusion of Round 3, the top 8 ranked Competitors for each Event will be contacted to confirm their place in the Finals. Ranks and the placing in the Rank Table, will be defined by the Competitors’ best result from the three Rounds and within any of the 6 possible qualification scores.
  • At the conclusion of Round 3, the top 4 ranked Air Pistol Mixed Teams will be selected to shoot Bronze and Gold Medal Matches. Ranks and the placing in the Rank Table, will be defined by the Mixed Teams’ best results from the three Rounds and within any of the 6 possible qualification scores.
  • The Finals will be run simultaneously on Athletes Home ranges via tele-conference calls, if the COVID-19 conditions will allow.


Individual Events: The High Performance Coach will provide the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) with prizes for all Individual Events (Juniors for Air Pistol match as well). The prizes will be mailed to each Competitor.

Teams Events: The Prizes for the Teams Event (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will be awarded correspondingly. The Prizes will be mailed to each Competitor.



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