Careers make athletes better performers

Australia’s leading shooting athletes have highlighted the importance of studying or having a career in series of videos to celebrate Careers Week.

Athletes, including Tokyo Olympic Games representatives Elena Galiabovitch, Penny Smith, James Willett, Sergei Evglevski, Dane Sampson and para sports rifle athlete, Glen McMurtrie, discuss the importance of a work/life balance and how careers and study can assist them in competition.

Pistol athlete, Galiabovitch, a qualified doctor who is undertaking further studies to specialise as a urologist, says sacrifices must be made to excel at work and in sport.

“You do have to realise that there will be some things you will miss out on and you do have to make sacrifices, prioritise certain things at different times. It’s one of the things that I have learned over the past five years,” said Galiabovitch.

“You need to think about what you are passionate about and what you really want to do, and once you actually know what your goal is, it actually makes it easier to work towards it,” she added.

Smith, who works at a local pool and assist her parents on the family farm, says work has helped her become a better athlete.

“I think having a career or passion outside of shooting is important. It certainly is for me. It helps me get a better understanding of myself and also of my sport. It gives you something else to look forward to as well,” said Smith.

Sampson, who will attend his fourth Olympic Games in Tokyo, feels invigorated working as a furniture maker.

“If your mind is always on your sport, then you can burn out very quickly and tire out mentally,” he says.

McMurtrie turned to TAFE teaching after a serious motor bike accident in 2019 and knows the importance of a career.

“I think its beneficial to have a career or study outside of sport because they balance each other out. If you are having a particularly bad time with one of them, chances are you are going really well in the other,” he said.

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