Shooting Australia Performance Series Review Findings

Please find below the outcomes of our recent Shooting Australia Performance Series Review.

The agreed Performance Series outcomes in priority order will be to;

  1. Deliver a quality high performance competition and environment following ISSF rules and standards to ensure our athletes, coaches and officials are appropriately prepared and practiced for international competition;
  2. Deliver non-Olympic events  that matter, to ensure their long-term viability and where these events assist delivery of high performance outcomes i.e. 50m Rifle Prone; and
  3. Deliver events that are accessible to the shooting community (athletes, coaches and officials) to promote a career and developmental pathway.

Below are a list of the key findings identified through the review and workshop process;

  • Athletes want quality high performance events delivered consistently;
  • You want Shooting Australia to take back and be responsible for the delivery of these events and their standard and quality;
  • Provide a more professional product;
  • Better communication is required with hosts and the community on the timing and logistics of planned events;
  • Use the Performance Series to more formally mentor and up-skill our officials;
  • Enforce the code-of-conduct so that our athletes, staff, officials and volunteers feel safe in this environment. Be stronger on people not meeting the code-of conduct;
  • Better integration of para-shooting athletes into these events;
  • Introduce a “registration fee” to help provide consistency of product by contributing to the costs of key volunteers to attend each event;
  • Introduce “tips” and “best practice” information sheets for consistency of these events and those below it;
  • Reintroduce an online ranking system;
  • Better communication to the community on “What is the Performance Series and why is it important?”, i.e. communicate the agreed outcomes in priority order.

There were also a range of other ideas and solutions communicated with us and we will be looking at ways to incorporate these into the Performance Series for 2019.

It is clear that you want a performance series to be delivered in a high performing consistent way to justify the series name.

Thank you to the large number of people who took the time to detail, write and discuss with us how they want the future of the Performance Series to look. We are going to do everything we can to meet your expectations and deliver an elite domestic series.

Please feel free to contact our events team at any time to discuss.

Kindest regards,

Kelly Wright
Head of Marketing – Shooting Australia

Shooting Australia