Shooting clubs stay on target through tough times

Sports social media data specialists Shunt have revealed in a recent report that shooting clubs around the country have upped their Facebook productivity in the last five years by over 100% while engagement has leapt a staggering 350%. Not even Covid can knock clubs off-target with 2020 results suggesting a full recovery is within sight.  

Engagement levels (total reactions, comments and shares) from the 265 clubs monitored has risen from 60,637 in 2015 to 272,325 last year. This represents one of the steepest growth profiles Shunt has seen from 20 sports surveyed and suggests audiences are increasingly ‘liking’ what clubs are posting.

In another interesting chart, the 2020 productivity graph for shooting clubs nationally started strongly reaching a high of 1,638 in March just as lockdowns took effect. What followed was a significant drop in posts published, falling to a low of 522 in April before steadily climbing back to pre-Covid levels by October in what has been an encouraging recovery for the sport.

Another core metric Shunt monitors closely is the performance of posts published on Facebook. This is calculated via a simple ratio (average number of engagements per post) and acts as a useful indicator in determining whether clubs have got the balance between post quantity and quality right.

Here we can see that Wagga Clay Target Club are averaging 38.52 engagements per post, with Guyra Gun Club close behind on 36.61 with Goulburn Clay Target Club third.

Shunt’s report suggests that shooting clubs around the country have been steadily building their social media capacity and capabilities for the last five years. This has enabled them to manage the disruptive effects of Covid-19 and emerge well-placed for further gains in 2021.

To see the full Shunt report including Top-10 club results for audience size, productivity and engagement in what is a good news story for the sport at the end of a challenging year click here

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