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Who are Play by the Rules? How can they help Us?

Play by the Rules provides information, resources, tools and free online training to increase the capacity and capability of administrators, coaches, officials, players, parents and spectators to assist them in preventing and dealing with discrimination, harassment, child safety, inclusion and integrity issues in sport.

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Diversity and Inclusion Forum

Diversity and Inclusion Forum

This years event will focus on solutions to issues of diversity and inclusion in sport. We have gathered some of the country’s top athletes, practitioners, policy makers, administrators and academics to give their short and sharp ideas and insights into what has excluded people from sport and what has worked to include people in sport.

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Safe, fair and inclusive case studies

Safe, fair and inclusive case studies

New series of Case studies featuring clubs and associations that have taken action on safe, fair and inclusive sport. What did they do? Why did they do it and how do they know it worked?

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Sports governance

Good governance is vital to creating a safe, fair and inclusive club. In this new section you can get practical tips on good governance including getting organised, being on a board and running an AGM.

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Inclusion and diversity videos

All the talks from the past two Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Forums are available to view in a new format where you can filter by interest area and date with transcripts and downloads available.

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Glen McMurtrie

This is my story

We’ve recently been celebrating the story of one of our para athletes, Glen McMurtrie. Click here to watch​ the video of Glen’s story.

Classification Not A Barrier

Why Getting Involved Can Be Difficult

Shooting has big potential to be a sport where people young and old, able bod and para, line up together to compete in the sport we love.

However it can be difficult for people with disabilities to understand what steps they need to take to become involved in the sport, and the pathway for athletes with dreams of representing their country at the Paralympics one day.

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Updating Our Processes

As laid out in the Participation Plan, Shooting Australia has committed to improving the communication and opportunities for athletes interested in getting involved in the sport, and potentially working along the para athlete development pathway within Shooting.

A new para shooting menu will shortly be included as part of the participation section of the Shooting Australia website. This will provide general information about classification for interested participants, and information for event organisers.

The website will also include a classification calendar for the year, a Masterlist for all athletes currently classified, and an athlete development pathway to show where and how to start and what opportunities are available.

Of course each individual case is different and one person’s experience could be slightly different to the next based on a number of factors, this will however be a great starting point to begin to understand what the pathway could look like.


Shooting Australia will shortly be launching a new provisional classification which will allow athletes from all around Australia the opportunity to be recognised as a para eligible athlete in the sport of Shooting.

All you’ll need to do is consult your local doctor or physio, get them to complete the required paperwork, which will be available on the new section of the website, and send it in to Shooting Australia.

It will then be reviewed by our Head of Classification, and if successful, athletes will have the opportunity to be accepted within the class for which they have achieved recognition at local and state level events.

A national classification will also be held this November as part of the SA Open. National classification will only be required for athletes looking to compete at national competitions and be eligible to hold records in the class for which they have been assessed.

International classification will continue to be assessed on a needs basis for those that have qualified to attend an international competition.

Classification Opportunities

Final Thoughts

I’d like to thank Cathy Lambert from the Australian Paralympic Committee for her support and guidance as I’ve worked through this process to make sure that we as a sport are providing the opportunities to those interested in becoming a part of our community and progressing within the sport.

The information, resources, and classification opportunities will be rolling out over the coming weeks and months, so make sure to keep an eye out on the website and share this information with others.

If you are interested in becoming classified or becoming a classifier for the sport of Shooting, please contact [email protected]

Lastly, we’ve recently been celebrating the story of one of our para athletes, Glen McMurtrie. Click here to watch​ the video of Glen’s story.

Reflection on National Come And Try May

The last 6 months or more have been an amazing ride with everyone enthusiastic about working together to develop a national campaign. From the SA Board, the Member Body support, State Associations, and most importantly the Clubs. Everyone has played their part in what we have achieved and we should be proud of what we’ve accomplished in year one.

Here are some quick stats;
• 120 clubs
• 1274 National Come And Try May participants
• 1578 Activation Zone participants at the Commonwealth Games
• Newscorp papers
– Average readership – 2,945,000
– Total reach – 7,772,000
• Newscorp digital
– 102,686 impressions
• Facebook ads
– 76,521 impressions
– 57,696 reach (how many unique people who received impressions)
• Google Ads
– 58,435 impressions
• Facebook posts
– 20 posts
– 64,838 reach
– 1820 comments/likes/shares
• Instagram posts
– 18 posts

This has been more than a membership drive, although that has definitely been one of the many positive outcomes for the sport. We’ve worked together, with one voice, nationwide, we’ve said come and try our sport, we’re really proud of who we are and what our sport is about and if you give it a try you’ll understand and most likely be hooked too!

During this event we’ve had some of the oldest shooting clubs in the world engaging people, we’ve had small regional clubs grow their membership by 50%. We’ve broken down barriers with members of local government, state government MP’s, and Federal Ministers.

You’ve begun conversations in some of the highest offices in the land, you’ve unlocked conversations about how to access funding opportunities, you’ve had radio, print media, and television coverage around the country.

While the numbers are important, they don’t tell the whole story of the impact that you have all made within your communities, and together across the country. Sometimes it might feel like it’s just you and your gun, or even your club. This is a great opportunity for us all to step back, and look at what we have achieved collectively in this first year of National Come And Try May.

Take a moment, pat yourselves on the back…

Then hold a spot in your calendar for May 2019 as we do it all again.

You can register for 2019 here.

I’ll be on leave now for the next 3 weeks, a full report will be available shortly after my return.

Thanks again to all for their contributions big or small. You’ve each made a meaningful impact on the growth of the sport, the understanding created in the community, we can be proud of what we have achieved together.


With National Come And Try May drawing to a close it’s been a very successful month of events for clubs around Australia and there have been some amazing stories coming through from clubs like yours that have hosted events that have had positive outcomes.

We’ve had 120 clubs and over 1000 participants try our sport over the last month during National Come And Try May. When you consider the one on one supervision required in some instances, capacity issues related either to size of facilities or number of club members, it’s an outstanding achievement by all of you in making this happen.

Whether its a large, well resourced metropolitan club like Frankston Clay Target Club who had 183 people attend their day, or smaller rural club’s like Manjimup Rifle Club having 15 people come and try.

While others still like Bairnsdale Gun Club, Newcastle Lake Macquarie Clay Target Club, Yackandanda Pistol Club, and Colac Rifle Club had great turn outs that included local media coverage and in some cases local MP’s and local council members enjoying the the opportunity to try our sport.

Others again like Kojonup Clay Target Club, were successful in turning a small number of participants into a high ratio of new members.

A boon for a club of 12 members who increased it’s membership by 15% on the day.

There have been wonderful stories of successful events and lesson’s learned on how things could be done better in future, from club level all the way up to Shooting Australia.

I’ll be in touch with more information on how you can play a role in helping us improve our planning and processes for next year.

In the meantime please report back to report the number of participants that attended your event if you haven’t already done so.

Clubs interested in registering for next year’s event can do so by clicking this link. For clubs that weren’t involved this year and would like to learn more about what clubs will be asked to do as part of being involved in the event please click here.

Click here to book your spot to Come and Try the sport of Shooting!

  • Includes Olympic and Commonwealth Games disciplines
  • It’s loads of fun in a safe environment
  • You’ll be coached and supervised by experienced club members
  • A sport for the whole family
  • Inclusive of all abilities and skill levels
  • All equipment supplied
  • Online booking is essential
  • Places are limited so get in quick!


The Advert running in Member Body Magazines to promote the event


Closing in on our launch date provides a great opportunity to communicate what is currently happening at a national level and the next steps for clubs on the ground in this national movement that we are creating together.

This new endeavour delivered for the first time in Australia, currently has 88 clubs from every Member Body, in every state and territory around Australia registered to hold an event as part of National Come And Try May!

It’s a great show of support from our community and shows that the appetite is there for such a program to be developed.

With adverts placed in the ACTA and SCA magazines coming up shortly we hope to see a surge of interest from clubs finding out about the event through their Member Body publications.

It’s been fantastic to see clubs from around Australia aligned with the vision and believing in our collective mission, to share our sport with as many people as possible and show them just how much fun our sport can be.

For those not yet registered to host an event the opportunity to sign up still exists, follow the link below to register your club’s interest.

Or if you need more information before committing to host an event you can find everything you need at the link below, including a FAQ document, a short list of requirements for clubs that become involved, and an overview of what Shooting Australia is focusing on as part of the sport’s first ever Whole-of-Sport Participation Plan.

60% of registered clubs answered that they either had no experience or some experience running come and try day’s but would welcome suggestions on how they could improve. We’ve listened to this response and as well as the resources that have already been provided to registered clubs, each club will also have its own adviser who they can call on for support to help them run a fun, safe event.

These advisers come from the Participation Action Group that was formed to develop National Come And Try May, authored many of the resources that have been made available and will be a fantastic resource to all those clubs that are interested in further support.

Your adviser will be in touch in the coming days to introduce themselves and let you know in greater detail what you can expect from them.

All clubs (including those requiring additional support) will receive an email in the coming days with promotional materials that you can use in your local communities to spread the word about your event. More details on these materials and strategies to ensure you have a successful turn out will be included in this email communication.

Keep an eye out for your advisers email and if you have any questions about National Come And Try May or anything else in the Whole-of-Sport Participation Plan please contact [email protected]


I want to send out a big thank you to those of you who have forwarded on the information about National Come and Try May.

Already we have had close to 20 clubs register since we launched. We have received registrations from clubs in SA, WA, NT, TAS, VIC, NSW and QLD with all Member Bodies represented so far. In addition, the Shooting Australia Facebook posts have received over 300 clicks and shares from interested followers notifying their clubs.

This is a huge initiative for our sport that accommodates both ISSF and non-ISSF events and was ultimately the brain child of Member Bodies from the 2016 Shooting Australia Forum.

Registrations are open for a few more weeks. If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up your club and be a part of this special national event! Your continued support and promotion of National Come and Try May is greatly appreciated and will benefit all of us.

Clubs can register at:

Thanks again!


It’s with great excitement that we share this message with you.

Shooting Australia has been working collaboratively with each of the Member Bodies to prepare a Whole of Sport Participation Plan. A major objective of the Participation Plan is the promotion and delivery of a national come and try initiative. As a result of the valuable contribution from Member Body representatives, National Come and Try May is now ready to launch!

This event is the first of its kind for target shooting sports in Australia and will follow the 2018 Commonwealth Games with the goal of promoting our sport and increasing participation. National Come and Try May events in local target shooting sports clubs around Australia will provide an exciting opportunity for clubs to engage with members of their communities who may be interested in participating in our fantastic sport.

The first phase of National Come and Try May involves clubs registering their interest to host an event at any time in May. Clubs can register and collect more information about National Come and Try May by visiting the registration website below.

To make this event a success, I would like to ask that you forward this information to other members of your club, or other clubs to spread the word! Shooting Australia will also be promoting National Come and Try May by posting information on its website and social media from Friday, 16 February.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Shooting Australia office.

As we begin a new year we reflect on what happened last year in the participation space and here is a snapshot of the last few months.

Since the Member Body and State representatives met at the Governance Workshop Review 2 we received some fantastic feedback in relation to the proposed Whole of Sport Participation Plan. Based on the feedback from this session a draft Strategies and Outcome document was created and the Participation Working Group worked through this document to refine which strategies and outcomes were priorities. The Whole of Sport Participation Plan was then sent to all Member Bodies. The flagship for the first year of the plan was the concept of a National Come and Try Day.

Universally supported by the Member Bodies was the opportunity to take advantage of a home Commonwealth Games, leveraging off of the media coverage and success of our athletes and introduce new participants to the sport. Using this as an opportunity to create a movement that builds the public profile of the sport of shooting in Australia, creating positive experiences for clubs and new participants during, and subsequent to, the National Come and Try Day (NCAT) would become the focus of a newly formed Participation Action Group.

Expression of Interest were then requested first through our Member Bodies and then later through our website and social media channels. The result was a wealth of experienced and motivated ambassadors for the sport putting their hand up. Below is a list of each of the members who have been selected to sit on the Participation Action Group, along with representatives from both Shooting Australia and the Australian Sports Commission, and work together to make this an outstanding experience for all involved.

Bill Henry – QLD

Cath Leask – VIC

Murray Bow – WA

Mark Farrow – QLD

Andrew Sims – NSW

Kathy Cain – QLD

Daniel Spain – NSW

The group had their first teleconference on the 20th of December and meeting again in person in on the 16th of January 2018 and created the framework for how the NCAT will be delivered, you’ll hear more about this in future updates.

If you have any questions about the Participation Action Group or the National Come and Try Day or anything else mentioned in the Whole of Sport Participation Plan, please feel free to get in touch with the Shooting Australia office, we’d be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Participation Plan since the last Governance Review Workshop

  • A draft copy of the Participation Plan was created and circulated to members of the Participation Working Group
  • Participation Working Group met in Adelaide on the 28th of August
  • Held debriefs with Group Members and received written feedback on the plan
  • A final draft was put to the Participation Working Group on the 20th of September
  • Whole-of-Sport Participation Plan went before the SA Board for approval
  • The Whole-of-Sport Participation Plan was presented to the Member Bodies on the 10th of October and subsequently made available through the Shooting Australia website

Participation and what we’ve done so far

  • Visited SA Endorsed events in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide
  • Club visits in SA, VIC, NSW, QLD
  • Visited clubs from ACTA, PA, TRA, SCA
  • Been to Come & Try experiences and had a go at all disciplines visited
  • Club visits looking at junior clubs, others focused on student come and try days
  • Represented the sport at National ASC Participation Forums
  • Undertook the ISSF Shotgun Referee course to get a better understanding of the sport as well as to see how courses are run
  • Participated in Coaching and Officiating Framework workshops with the ASC
  • Invited to meet with the TRA board
  • Invited to the TRV Congress
  • Visited Far North Queensland clubs with Michelle Sandstrom from PSQ
  • Again invited by TRA Board to present an update on the Participation Plan
  • Para Shooting, classification and pathways meetings with the Australian Paralympic Committee to work toward creating a clear understanding of the pathway
  • Implemented the SA Officials Development Plan
  • Updated Assessor and Presenter database
  • Collaborated with Member Bodies to streamline coach cards and official database management
  • Visited PSQ Member Forum to discuss the upcoming National Come And Try Day (NCAT)
  • After an Expression of Interest process formed the Participation Action Group to help deliver the NCAT